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Analytical Vidya offers students the best of education and entertainment opportunities available in the area. We are glad to take care of every student and university entrant.

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Our featured courses are selected through a rigorous process and uniquely created for each semester. They cover a lot of topics and are available both online and offline.

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We employ highly experienced and qualified teachers who set the ground for all our programs and courses. They are aimed to help you achieve more on your path to success.


Leslie joined our team in 2010 as a marketing tutor.

Course assistant

Cameron helps Teachzy team with online programs.

Lead tutor

Theresa is one of our best foreign language tutors.

Program coordinator

Jacob coordinates most of our programs & courses.


Brooklyn is our leading management tutor.


Wade is an author of Web Tehcnology programs.

Why Choose Us

Teachzy offers quality education helping you build your future career. Here just some of the facts that show why students choose us.

Certified tutors


Want to know more about our teaching? The feedback submitted by our students is an effective way to show how beneficial the courses at Analytical Vidya can be.

My overall experience in Teachzy was amazing. The best part is to get to know people from a lot of different places, learn about different cultures and make friends for life! Peter Fletcher
This university was an exceptional and international experience for me. It did not only advance my studies and knowledge but even gave me the chance to make friends across the globe. Jenny Wilson
I made friends from countries all over the world. That’s really amazing! And Teachzy is just like a quiet oasis in the crowded city, it’s really pleasant to study and live here. John Adams
I've been working at Teachzy for over 20 years. As a tutor I love interacting with students and share my knowledge. Here you can definitely make connections for life! Esther Howard
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